Valentine Month Special RANCH PARK 99c Kindle

In celebration of Valentine’s Day Month, my first book, RANCH PARK is on sale on KINDLE for 99c.  Also, the Kindle edition is FREE with purchase of the paperback edition from Amazon.  This is the book that introduces Will Nickerson, small town merchant turned amateur detective in the fictional community of New Oslo, North Dakota.  He gets more than he had bargained for when he volunteered to drive the hayrides at Dakota Ranch Park, a sprawling ranch related theme park overlooking Lake Sakakawea.  A murder is found at the park and Will is called upon to find out just whodunit.  It’s a light ‘n breezy cozy mystery packed with surprises, suspense and plenty of romance, too.  And it’ll have you saying UFF DA!

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What’s Up In Wyoming

A truly AWESOME VACATION, a week on a working cattle ranch in Wyoming, inspired the setting for my new novel, WHAT’S UP IN WYOMING, no. 5 in my Will Nickerson Mysteries series of light, clean & cozy whodunits with a country flavor.  Wyoming is an awesome state!  From the mountains of Yellowstone to the sprawling ranches, it’s super and makes a great setting for a modern western murder mystery.  The story is fiction, but I’ve put in lots of Wyoming historical and geographical facts as background details to educate as well as entertain the reader and keep the pages turning.
R. L. Anderson, Author, Will Nickerson Mysteries: * Ranch Park * It’s A Place For Trees * Viking It Is * Let’s Make It Merry Christmas * What’s Up In Wyoming *
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A Virtual Vacation

There’s no place like home for Christmas.  But in writing, for me, anyway, it’s a whole ‘nother story.  One thing I don’t write about is my hometown in Ohio.  At least not directly.  Some of my fictional settings are inspired by local places–but I transplant them to other parts of the country, which makes them more interesting–at least to me.  So if you want to read about northeast Ohio there are many excellent authors out there who do write about it and lots of great northeast Ohio books to choose from.  But for someone like me, itching to travel, it’s much more fun to set my novels away from home.  That makes writing a virtual vacation!!!  I choose places I know well, places where I have had awesome vacations–and business, too, as in the case of North Dakota.  It’s a super place for a mystery, and it is a great state, one of America’s best kept secrets.  And so North Dakota is home base for Will Nickerson and the gang in my mystery series.  Amazon paperback and Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook & Kobo, too.
* Ranch Park * It’s A Place For Trees * Viking It Is * Let’s Make It Merry Christmas * What’s Up In Wyoming *

Cute? Funny? Or Just Plain Ugly?

They started a few years ago with huge blowup Santas and snowmen adorning front yards.  And they evolved.  Now they’re animated snow globes, gingerbread houses, trains, sleighs with reindeer, life-size airplanes with turning props and even Nativity scenes.  I’m talking, of course, about the myriad of inflatable Christmas lawn decorations that are puffing up all over the place during the Christmas season.  Are they cute or funny?  Or just plain ugly?  You decide.  During the day they often morph into colorful piles of limp plastic when the fan that blows them up is turned off–but by night, fully inflated with lights aglow inside they are a sight to behold.  In my Christmastime mystery, Let’s Make It Merry Christmas, the good folks of New Oslo, North Dakota hold a contest for the Ugliest Inflatable Christmas Lawn Decoration–which, of course, results in skyrocketing sales for the blowups.  Everybody’s gotta get one!  Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they are a part of Christmas in America, and like the proverbial Ugly Christmas Sweater, they add a festive AIR to the Christmas season.  They’re always entertaining and I always enjoy the roadside show they put on for us.

Christmas comes to North Dakota

“ANY LUCK FINDING a place for the festival?”  Jenine slid into the passenger’s seat and buckled up.
“You bet we did!”  Will beamed with excitement.
“Not at Sak Shores, I take it?”
“Nope.  Not on a ranch, either.”  Will fastened his own seatbelt and started the engine.  “How ‘bout a whole Christmas town?”
“A whole Christmas town??!!”
“You bet!  New Oslo is soon to become Christmas City, North Dakota!”
From Let’s Make It Merry Christmas, Chapter 6, ‘Calling Card’.

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Welcome to the New Member of the Family!

The Will Nickerson Mysteries family, that is!  Just in time for Christmas, the fifth installment, WHAT’S UP IN WYOMING, is now up and running on Kindle, Nook and Kobo, and in paperback, available online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other fine online booksellers.  As with any author, it’s always exciting for me to see my latest literary endeavor come on the market at last after a year or so in the making.  The inspiration for this one came from one of the best vacations I’ve ever taken, a week on a working guest ranch in Wyoming.  So–why not send Will Nickerson to a similar place?  And, of course, it’s a mystery, so I had to add a murder for him to solve!  I moved the location a bit farther to the west, so as to include a visit to Yellowstone, which I visited, myself, on another trip to Wyoming.  The story is fiction, but it’s true to the spirit of this awesome state.

R. L. Anderson, Author, Will Nickerson Mysteries:
Ranch Park
It’s A Place For Trees
Viking It Is
Let’s Make It Merry Christmas
What’s Up In Wyoming

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New Installment Coming Soon!

The Will Nickerson Mysteries series will soon have a new member of the family, to be titled What’s Up In Wyoming.  Since it is not yet published, I won’t go into any details as of yet, but as the title suggests, of course, Will Nickerson of New Oslo, ND makes a trip to Wyoming.  I have visited that state numerous times myself, so I was inspired to write about it in my newest novel.  As with my previous books in the series, I’ve included a lot of background details relating to the geography, history and nature of the setting, as well as a mystery to be solved by Will and the gang.  Perhaps we begin to see a bit of a rivalry starting to brew between Will’s two on-again, off-again romantic interests, Jenine and Laurel.  More details when the new book hits the presses.  Stay tuned!

R. L. Anderson, Author, Will Nickerson Mysteries:
Ranch Park
It’s A Place For Trees
Viking It Is
Let’s Make It Merry Christmas
*****COMING SOON***** What’s Up In Wyoming*****

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