A Christmas Groaner

The Ranch Park’s banned Christmas from its festival this year.
Now Happy Holidays is all that we hear.

Even Saint Nick has gotten the boot,
Replaced by a clown in a polar bear suit.

So the folks of New Oslo have taken up the cause,
To bring back Nativities and good ol’ Santa Claus.

A new Christmas festival is coming around,
Proclaiming it’s Christmas when snow’s on the ground.

But what’s going on here? The town’s all alarmed.
There’s a saboteur lurking, doing us harm.

It’s causing us hurt; it’s causing us pain.
Someone’s even derailed our miniature train.

What’s that commotion going on downtown?
Our Humongous Christmas Tree, it’s been toppled down.

Once again Will Nickerson is getting the call,
With Jenine at his side and the whole gang and all,

To save Christmas in New Oslo; can they do it in time?
You won’t find the answer here in this rhyme.

But it’s all in the book, Kindle, Kobo and Nook.
It’s in paperbackChristmas new cover, too; so let’s have a look.

LET’S MAKE IT MERRY CHRISTMAS, it won’t make you cry;
So lose that old handkerchief! Just bid it goodbye.

This Christmastime mystery won’t bring on the tears.
It’ll make Christmas merrier for readers for years.

I’ll be the first to admit, my poetry’s BAD,
But you won’t have to endure it in this tale that’s not sad.

There’s another style of writing, as everyone knows,
So readers be thankful, my books are all PROSE.

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The Christmas Un-Tearjerker

I got the idea to write LET’S MAKE IT MERRY CHRISTMAS a few years ago when I saw a newspaper editorial about all the Christmas tearjerker movies that come on TV year after year. Most follow a similar plot, being stories of sad times–people (or maybe cutesy animals, snowmen or whatever) dealing with poverty, sickness, death in the family, loneliness and the like–and keep you crying for a couple of hours before the miracle that always happens at the end and often brings on more tears than all the doom and gloom that precedes it. That’s exactly what keeps me away from Christmastime movies–and Christmas books, too. So I got to thinking–why not write a Christmas related book that’s not sad? I decided to do it with my existing characters from the WILL NICKERSON MYSTERIES series, placing them in a Christmastime situation in their small town of New Oslo, North Dakota, as the town prepares for a big Christmas festival. I wanted to keep the tears and the violence away, so instead of a murder, as there are in my other mysteries, this time around Will, Jenine & Co find themselves sleuthing a series of annoying and sometimes comical sabotages that plague the Official Sakakawea County, North Dakota Christmas Festival Committee, threatening to wreck the whole event. A mini train derails. A humongous Christmas tree topples. Animals escape. Who’s causing all the commotion? Can our intrepid amateur detectives get to the bottom of it in time to save Christmas In New Oslo? It’s a light and fun, family friendly read, with a Christmas message to it, too–that is always to remember that the Birth of Christ is the real reason for the season. Make it as festive as you want, but always keep Christ in the center of it all. Christmas is much more than just “the Holidays”. LET’S MAKE IT MERRY CHRISTMAS is in paperback and Kindle on amzn.to/1oHbL8n and it’s on Nook and Kobo, too. It won’t make you cry. So lose that handkerchief! You won’t need it. It’s the Un-Tearjerker.
Christmas new cover

Not Your Usual Detective

WILL NICKERSON IS NOT YOUR USUAL DETECTIVE. For starters, he’s no cop. Just an ordinary guy, a small town shopkeeper (who’d rather be a cowboy) in the very ordinary town of New Oslo, North Dakota. He has a knack for solving mysteries and a habit of getting himself drafted as amateur sleuth whenever the situation demands. He has yet to land a paying job as a private eye, but just wait. That may be coming his way in my next novel, which I plan to publish sometime in 2016. Will is an affable kind of guy who enjoys making new friends and always greets you with a friendly smile when you come into Nickerson Office Supplies or when he delivers your order to your place of business in New Oslo. He doesn’t go for formalities, so don’t call him Mr. Nickerson or sir. He’s Will and he’ll be quick to correct you if you mister or sir him. But call him Will and you’ll have a loyal friend for life. Hmmmmmm… That sounds a lot like me. His body long ago rejected a straitjacket and noose (which some people refer to as a suitcoat and tie), so you’ll likely see him casually attired in jeans and T-shirt or sweatshirt, depending on how much it’s snowing in North Dakota. Can’t say I blame him. I’m not much for straitjackets and nooses either. He loves animals and is most at home in the great outdoors. He has an adventurous spirit and loves to travel, so he sometimes finds himself wrapped up in mysteries not only in North Dakota but in other locales as well. He’s good at it, too, with curiosity in his character and a keen interest in human nature. He’s hopelessly romantic, being single but looking, with his number one romantic interest being Jenine, a beautiful tall brunette, who, actually appears in RANCH PARK, the first book in the series, before Will makes his debut. For now at least she insists that her teaching career comes first and foremost. So Will plays the field now and then, too, as when he meets up with Laurel, a spunky and alluring Michigan girl working as a tour guide in Pennsylvania in IT’S A PLACE FOR TREES and makes a comeback as a ranch hand in WHAT’S UP IN WYOMING. A rather enigmatic traveling saleswoman from Montana, Alison, comes into his life in VIKING IT IS, and I kinda suspect that she may come back his way in my next book, since he is heading out to Big Sky Country. Stay tuned… LET’S MAKE IT MERRY CHRISTMAS is a special volume of the series, highlighting many of the regular characters and introducing some new ones, too, as New Oslo gears up for the biggest Christmas festival North Dakota has ever known. Will is, of course, the central character throughout the Will Nickerson Mysteries series, and he’s joined by Jenine, Laurel and many other intriguing folks, some good (Hip Hip Hooray!!!), some not so good (BOOOOO!!!), who will keep you turning pages and guessing, just whodunit, anyway? They’re all in Paperback, KindleRanch Park new cover, Nook and Kobo editions. P. S. They’re written for adults. BUT they’re safe for families, too!

Valentine Month Special RANCH PARK 99c Kindle

In celebration of Valentine’s Day Month, my first book, RANCH PARK is on sale on KINDLE for 99c.  Also, the Kindle edition is FREE with purchase of the paperback edition from Amazon.  This is the book that introduces Will Nickerson, small town merchant turned amateur detective in the fictional community of New Oslo, North Dakota.  He gets more than he had bargained for when he volunteered to drive the hayrides at Dakota Ranch Park, a sprawling ranch related theme park overlooking Lake Sakakawea.  A murder is found at the park and Will is called upon to find out just whodunit.  It’s a light ‘n breezy cozy mystery packed with surprises, suspense and plenty of romance, too.  And it’ll have you saying UFF DA!

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What’s Up In Wyoming

A truly AWESOME VACATION, a week on a working cattle ranch in Wyoming, inspired the setting for my new novel, WHAT’S UP IN WYOMING, no. 5 in my Will Nickerson Mysteries series of light, clean & cozy whodunits with a country flavor.  Wyoming is an awesome state!  From the mountains of Yellowstone to the sprawling ranches, it’s super and makes a great setting for a modern western murder mystery.  The story is fiction, but I’ve put in lots of Wyoming historical and geographical facts as background details to educate as well as entertain the reader and keep the pages turning.
R. L. Anderson, Author, Will Nickerson Mysteries: * Ranch Park * It’s A Place For Trees * Viking It Is * Let’s Make It Merry Christmas * What’s Up In Wyoming *
Paperback and Kindle editions at Amazon.com, also Nook and Kobo

A Virtual Vacation

There’s no place like home for Christmas.  But in writing, for me, anyway, it’s a whole ‘nother story.  One thing I don’t write about is my hometown in Ohio.  At least not directly.  Some of my fictional settings are inspired by local places–but I transplant them to other parts of the country, which makes them more interesting–at least to me.  So if you want to read about northeast Ohio there are many excellent authors out there who do write about it and lots of great northeast Ohio books to choose from.  But for someone like me, itching to travel, it’s much more fun to set my novels away from home.  That makes writing a virtual vacation!!!  I choose places I know well, places where I have had awesome vacations–and business, too, as in the case of North Dakota.  It’s a super place for a mystery, and it is a great state, one of America’s best kept secrets.  And so North Dakota is home base for Will Nickerson and the gang in my mystery series.  Amazon paperback and Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook & Kobo, too.
* Ranch Park * It’s A Place For Trees * Viking It Is * Let’s Make It Merry Christmas * What’s Up In Wyoming *

Cute? Funny? Or Just Plain Ugly?

They started a few years ago with huge blowup Santas and snowmen adorning front yards.  And they evolved.  Now they’re animated snow globes, gingerbread houses, trains, sleighs with reindeer, life-size airplanes with turning props and even Nativity scenes.  I’m talking, of course, about the myriad of inflatable Christmas lawn decorations that are puffing up all over the place during the Christmas season.  Are they cute or funny?  Or just plain ugly?  You decide.  During the day they often morph into colorful piles of limp plastic when the fan that blows them up is turned off–but by night, fully inflated with lights aglow inside they are a sight to behold.  In my Christmastime mystery, Let’s Make It Merry Christmas, the good folks of New Oslo, North Dakota hold a contest for the Ugliest Inflatable Christmas Lawn Decoration–which, of course, results in skyrocketing sales for the blowups.  Everybody’s gotta get one!  Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they are a part of Christmas in America, and like the proverbial Ugly Christmas Sweater, they add a festive AIR to the Christmas season.  They’re always entertaining and I always enjoy the roadside show they put on for us.

Christmas comes to North Dakota

“ANY LUCK FINDING a place for the festival?”  Jenine slid into the passenger’s seat and buckled up.
“You bet we did!”  Will beamed with excitement.
“Not at Sak Shores, I take it?”
“Nope.  Not on a ranch, either.”  Will fastened his own seatbelt and started the engine.  “How ‘bout a whole Christmas town?”
“A whole Christmas town??!!”
“You bet!  New Oslo is soon to become Christmas City, North Dakota!”
From Let’s Make It Merry Christmas, Chapter 6, ‘Calling Card’.

Available in paperback from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other fine online booksellers.  Also in Kindle, Nook and Kobo editions.

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