Hello From Will Nickerson In New Oslo, ND

Hey–it’s Will Nickerson here–you know, I’ve got the office supply store on Dakota Avenue here in New Oslo.  Not what I want to do for the rest of my life–I can tell ya that right now.  I inherited the business when my dad passed away–but eventually I want to sell the store and get into cattle ranching.  A big spread like Raggy’s got would do me nicely.  Rose Hauglund–she works for me–she wants to buy me out.  But when she’s a single parent with a daughter to raise, she can’t afford it yet.  So here I am, the reluctant office supply store owner, so guess I might’s well make the best of it.  But, to make life more fun, I always end up doing the detective work around here.  Not that our Sakakawea County Sheriff, Ed Harshman isn’t good enough at it.  It’s–well–just that he’s busy doing his job and sometimes he needs a little help from the private sector now and then.  Anyway–R. L. Anderson was kind enough to let me take over his new blog today and tell you a bit more about some of the characters you’ll meet in the Will Nickerson Mysteries.  Of course, as anybody who knows me will tell you, my favorite has gotta be Jenine Mescall.  She’s from Florida originally, but now she’s right at home here in North Dakota.  Her family moved to Williston to get away from all the hurricanes and traffic they have in Florida.  Can’t say I blame them for that.  Jenine lives in New Oslo now, and she teaches out at Westwind School, the little one-room school south of town here.  And uff da–she’s gorgeous–and I mean super gorgeous–and super nice, too.  She’s the best partner in crime–I mean in crime SOLVING that an amateur detective could ask for.  We met at the…

Will!  It’s me, R. L., back for a minute.  Don’t tell them where and how you guys met.  Let ‘em read it for themselves.  It’s all in Ranch Park.  Anyway–I know you’re crazy about Jenine, but how ‘bout telling our readers a bit about some of the other characters, too?  How ‘bout Alastair?

Uff da.  Sorry, R. L. Uh–let’s see.  Ah yes, Alastair Mead III.  Big name for a little guy.  He’s Jenine’s star pupil, top of her class.  So I guess he deserves a big name.  Curious.  Adventurous, to say the least.  He’s as English as his name sounds.  He had a rough early childhood, living in South Africa, but now his foster parents, Fred and Marcia Thorson, are making a real North Dakota cowboy out of him.  Great kid, and who knows?  He might even make a great detective someday.  Uff da.  I’m gettin’ a call on my cell phone–it’s Katherine Kunkel from the Official Sakakawea County, North Dakota Christmas Festival Committee.  Gotta go…

R. L., back again…  Thanks, Will.  And good luck with that Christmas festival.  Sounds like all the townsfolk are cookin’ up the biggest Christmas bash New Oslo’s ever known.  Check it out in Let’s Make It Merry Christmas.  It’s out in paperback on Amazon.com, and also on Kindle, Nook and Kobo e-books, along with the entire series of intriguing mysteries set in rural and small town America.

Let’s Make It Merry Christmas paperback edition

Let’s Make It Merry Christmas, e-book edition (Kindle, Nook and Kobo)