A Christmas Festival On Steroids

Before I started writing the Will Nickerson Mysteries, I used to volunteer at a small theme park, which holds an annual Christmas festival.  The event features lighting displays, with horse drawn wagon rides for visitors to see them from a unique perspective.  There are candlelight dinners in the park’s restaurant, Christmas tree decorating contests, musical concerts, and for the kiddies, there’s a Santa’s Workshop.  And so–having a feel for what goes into such an event, what better scenario than a community Christmas festival?  Pump a few tons of steroids into it, and you’ve got a truly awesome Christmastime event, with a festive atmosphere that’ll keep the tears away for sure.  Leave out all the things that make for a sad story, all the poverty, loneliness, illness and personal loss that go into making a tearjerker.  Instead, why not write an uplifting story of community spirit?  A story of dedicated North Dakota townsfolk coming together to make it all happen.  That’s the kind of story that came to mind.  But still, the story needed some sort of conflict.  A problem to solve.  Some kind of adversity to be dealt with.  The story needed a villain–or villains.  Otherwise you have no story.  But what?  Also–a story of Christmas really needs a message–something to proclaim the real meaning of Christmas.  But what should that be?  How to make it meaningful–but without the tears?  Stay tuned…

Let’s Make It Merry Christmas is available in paperback and Kindle from Amazon.com, and additional e-book editions on Nook and Kobo

It’s a light and breezy mystery by the genre’s newest author. It’s North Dakota. It’s a story of Christmas that won’t make you cry. Let’s Make It Merry Christmas, a Will Nickerson Mystery, by R. L. Anderson. In paperback and e-book editions.


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