Happy Holidays?? Bah Humbug!!!!

How to write a meaningful story of Christmas without the tears?  The idea came from one of my pet peeves.  Namely hearing ‘Happy Holidays’ instead of ‘Merry Christmas’.  Around here we don’t hear it all that much in person, but it’s in all the ads.  It’s all ‘Holiday shopping’, ‘Holiday decorations’, and even ‘Holiday trees’.  I have to be careful when I buy Christmas cards, too, as many of the prettiest ones say ‘Happy Holidays’ on them.  I used to think that was OK.  It means ‘Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’, doesn’t it?  Well–not necessarily.  Some cards–and some ads, too–say ‘Happy Holidays and Happy New Year’.  Or something to that effect.  Political correctness has reared its ugly head once again, and another one of our cherished traditions is being pushed aside.  Now, anybody who knows me well knows I’m not exactly what you’d call a super-religious kind of guy.  That is, in an outward, high profile sort of way.  I’m not a big churchgoer or Bible reader–and there’s nothing ‘preachy’ about me in the slightest.  But I like tradition, and deep inside I’m a Christian.  Christian principles built America.  Political correctness didn’t.  In fact it’s tearing this country apart.  Christianity is a big part of our traditional culture.  It’s worth fighting for.  The Birth of Christ is the Reason for the Season.  And so I chose to build my new book around a pro-Christmas, pro-tradition message.  Let’s Make It Merry Christmas is what it’s all about.  That’s ‘Merry Christmas’, and not ‘Happy Holidays’.  I’m telling the story in a lighthearted way, packed with humor–and now and then some deliberate excursions into the corny and silly.  After all, laughter is a tear’s worst enemy, and I want to keep the tears away in this one.  It’s a serious message at the core of the story, wrapped in a light and–hopefully–entertaining Christmastime mystery set in North Dakota, so the reader won’t feel preached at in the slightest.  I’m letting my existing characters in the Will Nickerson Mysteries series tell much of the story and am including as many of them as possible, as well as a few newcomers created just for this story.  Unlike my other stories, there is no murder in this one.  It’s Christmas–and I wanted to keep the story free of violence and death–as well as free of tears.  So the mystery to be solved is a series of sabotages that plague the Official Sakakawea County, North Dakota Christmas Festival Committee.  Stay tuned as it all comes together…

Let’s Make It Merry Christmas is in paperback and Kindle editions available from Amazon, as well as on Nook and Kobo

Let’s Make It Merry Christmas, A Will Nickerson Mystery, by R. L. Anderson is a fun Christmastime read set in North Dakota. It’ll make you laugh and maybe give you a groaner or two–but it won’t make you cry. Lose that handkerchief–you won’t need it with this one. And let’s always make it Merry Christmas.


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