Right On, R. L.!!

Hey–it’s Will Nickerson here, commandeering R. L. Anderson’s blog again.  I’m sure if we have any fiction writers out there in blog reader land, you know how us fictional characters have minds of our own.  We like to take over the story–and sometimes we’re not all that obedient to what our authors had in mind for us.  Take Raggy, for example.  When R. L. first wrote Ranch Park, Raggy was intended to be in a minor role–just a paragraph or two–but that guy is determined.  He told R. L. he wanted a bigger part.  He demanded it.  And I lobbied for him, too. C’mon now, R. L.  Raggy’s gotta be more than just a minor character.  He’s a great guy–and a real cowboy, too.  So now he’s a big part of the series.  So you see, we don’t always do what our authors expect us to do.  But one thing R. L. and I are in total agreement on is that Christmas is Christmas.  We’re behind each other at least a million percent on that.  No ‘Holiday’ shopping or ‘Holiday’ trees for us here in New Oslo.  We’re a Christian community, though not all of us go to church–well–like we should.  And hey, R. L.  I like your idea of writing a tear-free Christmas story, too.  You’re right.  So many of the others are just plain too sad.  Why should Christmas be a sad time?  But–anyway–last time I took over the blog I got interrupted by Katherine Kunkel telling me about the Official Sakakawea County, North Dakota Christmas Festival Committee meeting–and I didn’t get to tell you the rest of what I wanted to tell you about all the characters you’ll meet here in New Oslo.  Like that pesky reporter Lynette Thorvaldson.  She works for the Viking.  You know–New Oslo’s newspaper.  The New Oslo Viking.  She’s the one that egged ‘em on to do the festival.  Can’t say I disagree, though.  We do need to do something to keep Christmas traditions alive, and Lynette’s got it right about that.  Then there’s that even peskier matchmaking mother of hers, Ginnie Thorvaldson.  She’s got the bookstore next door to Nickerson Office Supplies–and–well…

Will!!  It’s R. L.  Don’t tell ‘em about that.  It’s in Viking It Is

Uff da.  Sorry, R. L.  So it is.  Ummmmm…  Let’s see.  Anyway–suffice it to say, Ginnie’s got the bookstore–Read Cheap, right next to my store.  She teaches German and Norwegian language classes, too.  Her husband Doug owns the John Deere place out on the New Oslo Road–New Oslo Tractor Sales.  They’ve got money–so I guess Lynette wouldn’t be a bad catch.  I’ll admit she is kinda cute.  But…

Will!!!  Let ‘em read it all in Viking It Is.

OK!  OK!  Well…  Craig Jacobson works for Doug at the tractor place.  Best mechanic he’s got, and from what I hear, he’s the best Santa Claus the Official Sakakawea County, North Dakota Christmas Festival Committee’s got.  Takes kids on sleigh rides on festival nights.  Makes ‘em think it’s the real deal, too.  Hmmmmmm….  Let’s see…  How ‘bout Christy Dinkeldurfer?  Now there’s a character for you.  Gorgeous girl–super personality, too.  You can trust your money to her any day–but definitely not your car.  Absolutely NOT your car.  Uff da.  Just got another call from Katherine–seems that saboteur is at it again.  Gotta go.

Thanks, Will.  Let me know when you’ve found the culprit.

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