The Real Cost Of Free EBooks

Now don’t get me wrong. Some free ebooks are OK. That is as long as they’re things like instruction manuals, promotional material, textbooks and such. Even classical literature from past centuries, public domain stuff that nobody gets any royalties from anymore. I don’t have any problem with that kinda stuff being given away for free. But contemporary literary authors, whether writing fiction or nonfiction, should not be giving their words away for free. By doing so, they’re doing a disservice to themselves as well as to their fellow authors. Writing is an art. It takes special talents. It’s a skill that not everybody has, and authors deserve to earn royalties from it. Giving away good contemporary literature in the form of free ebooks cheapens the whole profession of writing. It stifles creativity as it discourages authors from writing. “Why bother writing if I have to give it away for free?” So when you download that free novel on Kindle, think of the consequences. Free ebooks are not really free. Somebody pays the price, and that somebody is the struggling author forced to do other work to make ends meet. My ebooks are all $2.99 (US) on Kindle, Nook and Kobo. They’re worth it, too, if I do say so myself. And if you’re an author,
your writing is worth that, too, and maybe more. Maybe lots more. Don’t give it away for nothing.

Free ebooks.
anti free ebooks_640x480Bad for authors.

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