Back Again!!

WOW!! I didn’t know it’d been so long since I last blogged! I’ve had some personal issues and have recently moved from my home state of Ohio to Kentucky. The reason for the move is that I want to own a farm, and land is much more affordable here than Ohio and the weather is supposedly better, too. That remains to be seen, since it is quite cold here. Not nearly as cold as North Dakota, however. I want to start my own “Ranch Park”, with the farm being open to tourists. It will be much smaller than the one in the book, however. And while a Ranch Park in North Dakota works in fiction, it doesn’t work very well in fact. And that’s why Kentucky. This area is great for it, and having longer summers would be ideal. I haven’t done any more writing, but hope to get back at it sometime soon. In the meantime, you can read my existing stories in the Will Nickerson Mysteries Series: Ranch Park, It’s A Place For Trees, Viking It Is, Let’s Make It Merry Christmas, What’s Up In Wyoming, and Mystery Under Montana Skies. And there’s a little ghost story, too, Mrs. Treaster’s Bed and Breakfast, which has nothing to do with the Will Nickerson Mysteries, but it’s a fun (although scary) read.

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