Welcome To February!

Welcome to February! You know what that means. February is the month for Valentine’s Day. That’s right. #Valentine’s Day is almost here. You may not think of a #murder #mystery as being an appropriate place for #love & #romance. But think again!! Romance is and always has been a big and integral part of every Will Nickerson Mystery. In Ranch Park, for example, in the opening pages, Will meets the love of his life, the lovely Jenine. Their romance is not entirely rosy, however. In the opening pages of It’s A Place For Trees, Jenine shows what a strong willed young woman she is, when she is determined to accept a job as a teacher in her home state of Florida, leaving a heartbroken Will to embark on a cross-country road trip to “get away from it all”. And he meets Laurel, a spunky lass. I’ll cut it off here, and leave it to theWill Nickerson Mystery reader to figure it all out.

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