The Will Nickerson Mysteries series, by R. L. Anderson, America’s new rural whodunit author, is a series of light and entertaining mysteries featuring Will Nickerson, small town merchant turned amateur detective.  Based in the fictional community of New Oslo, North Dakota, Will always has a habit of finding himself drafted into sleuthing whatever mysteries come his way.  Although intended for adults, the language is clean throughout the stories. The reader can expect lots of intriguing plots and subplots, surprises, a shock now and then, an occasional light ‘n breezy romance, plus a bit of history and geography thrown in for good measure.  The stories are fiction, but they are true to the spirit of North Dakota–and other locales where the action takes place.  I weave into them real places such as the Peace Garden, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Lake Sakakawea and others, to showcase the Peace Garden State as one of America’s best kept secrets.  On Will’s road trip to Pennsylvania in It’s A Place For Trees, the Keystone State is treated in a similar manner, with a number of its scenic and historic spots providing the backdrop to the fictional narrative.  Road trips to Wyoming and Montana are on Will’s itinerary for future volumes–but New Oslo, ND, a “Mayberry of the North” kind of place, is always home base.  Come for a visit on the pages of these tales and meet its unforgettable townsfolk.

All are available in paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon.com, and also on Nook andKobo e-books.  Paperback editions are priced from 12.99 to 13.99.  All e-editions are 2.99.  All may be previewed free on Amazon, Barnes & Noble (Nook) and Kobo.  (approx. first 20 pages).

Ranch Park, first in the Will Nickerson Mysteries series, by R. L. Anderson

Ranch Park, the first in the series, finds Will volunteering as a hayride wagon driver at a North Dakota theme park when a murder is discovered. Uff da!   And, teamed up with a beautiful summer camp counselor, Jenine Mescall, Will seeks to find out whodunit. Many of the characters found throughout the series make their debut in this one–but they are reintroduced as they appear in later volumes, so each story can be enjoyed as a stand-alone, whether or not you’ve read any of the others.

It’s A Place For Trees, second installment in the Will Nickerson Mysteries series by R. L. Anderson, is a North Dakotan-out-of-North Dakota story.

It’s A Place For Trees is a fish out of water kind of story–that is a North Dakotan out of North Dakota, as Will takes a road trip to his parents’ home state of Pennsylvania.  There, he contends with claustrophobia in the heavily forested and populated East–and finds himself called upon to find the answer to a murder at an arboretum, this time accompanied by a spunky and alluring tour guide, Laurel Reitter.

Viking It Is, the third in the Will Nickerson Mysteries series, by R. L. Anderson

Viking It Is takes the reader to New Oslo, ND, a small town digging into its Scandinavian heritage.  Does the old runestone found there in years past indicate that Vikings made it all the way to ND in Medieval times?  Meanwhile an enigmatic stranger comes to town and vanishes without a trace–except for a vintage car and an unused motel room.  Has he been murdered–or what?  Is there a connection to the Viking dig?  Find out with Will and a host of townsfolk and intriguing visitors, including an equally enigmatic traveling saleswoman, Alison Parshall.

Let’s Make It Merry Christmas, by R. L. Anderson, is a light and breezy Christmastime mystery set in North Dakota.

Let’s Make It Merry Christmas returns to New Oslo at Christmastime in this light Yuletide mystery.  When the Ranch Park decides to go PC and turn its annual Christmas festival into a generic Winter Holidays event, a group of disgruntled volunteers walk away, vowing to hold their own Christmas festival.  But–just as the Official Sakakawea County, North Dakota Christmas Festival Committee gears into action, a mysterious saboteur pops up, threatening to wreck it all.  Can Will Nickerson and the gang get to the bottom of it in time to save Christmas In New Oslo?  This is not your usual Christmas tearjerker.  So lose that handkerchief!  You won’t need it.

NOTE:  Cover images shown depict the paperback editions of the books.  Some e-book versions have slightly different cover images.  The photography is all original, by the author.