Why I Haven’t Blogged In Awhile

I haven’t blogged in awhile because my mother was in an accident last month. We had taken a trip back up north to our hometown of Mentor, Ohio and were on our way back to Kentucky. We stopped at a rest area near Columbus, Ohio, and got out to use the restrooms. My mother slipped…
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Excerpt From Mystery Under Montana Skies

“Will!” she exclaimed. “Alison!” She threw her arms around him and squeezed till it hurt. Then she planted a kiss on his cheek. #Mystery Under #Montana Skies is on #Amazon, #Nook and #Kobo. The #paperback sells for 12.99 The #ebook sells for 2.99

Excerpt From What’s Up In Wyoming

He couldn’t get out of the truck fast enough. “Laurel!” He threw his arms around her and held her close. “Will!” She laughed. “What took you so long?” What’s Up In #Wyoming is on #Amazon, #Nook and #Kobo The #ebook sells for 2.99 The #paperback sells for 12.99. #books #mystery #romance #adventure

Excerpt From Viking It Is

“I’m sorry Dylan called in sick,” the girl said hesitatingly and a bit apologetically. “So they sent me to take his place. I hope you’re not too disappointed.” She reached for his hand. “I’m Alison.” Viking It Is is on Amazon, Nook and Kobo. Viking It Is in paperback sells for 13.99 The ebook edition…
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Excerpt From It’s A Place For Trees

The young girl gave Will a beckoning smile that took his mind entirely away from the wind turbine disaster. A smile full of warmth and friendship. And her eyes. Eyes that seemed to be pleading to him. Please come with me. “Wanna take a tour?” It’s A Place For Trees is on Amazon, Nook and…
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