Here Comes Santa!

“Merry Christmas!” the elf-suited college student greeted them.  “Are you here for the concert–or a sleigh ride?” “Sleigh ride!” the two children squealed. The elf looked at her watch.  “Santa’ll be here any minute now.”  True to her surname, Brittany Little was a little elf.  Standing not quite five feet tall, she could have passed…
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Leftoverturkitis: The Gobbler’s Revenge!

Howdy from Will Nickerson again, with a post-Thanksgiving thought or two.  Turkey Day has come and gone, and if you’re like me, without a big family to gobble up a big gobbler, you might have ended up with mountains of leftovers.  The ghosts of that big turkey dinner can come back to haunt you for…
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From R. L. Anderson and the entire cast of characters in  the Will Nickerson Mysteries series and everyone in New Oslo, North Dakota… HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Here Comes Turkey Day!

The calendar said that Will Nickerson had passed his fortieth birthday; however calendars are some of the biggest liars in the world.  Deep inside, he was twenty-five.  Not a day older.  And twenty-five he would stay.  Period.  He looked it, too, being a slender five-ten, with short medium brown hair.  He kept clean-shaven, and with…
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Lose That Handkerchief!

Once upon a time in the far northwest corner of North Dakota…  Uff da!  Once upon a time?  Now that sounds rather trite, doesn’t it?  Worn out.  Tired.  Overused.  Just plain outdated.  You bet!  After all, this is Twenty-First Century America.  Nobody starts a story with once upon a time anymore.  At least not in…
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