Excerpt From Ranch Park

WOW! Who was that tall dark-haired girl coming out to meet him? That must be the new camp counselor that Brad was so anxious to meet. Gorgeous! He tore the seat belt off and jumped off the tractor. Ranch Park is on Amazon, Nook and Kobo. The cost of the ebook version is 2.99 The…
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Welcome To February!

Welcome to February! You know what that means. February is the month for Valentine’s Day. That’s right. #Valentine’s Day is almost here. You may not think of a #murder #mystery as being an appropriate place for #love & #romance. But think again!! Romance is and always has been a big and integral part of every…
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The REAL Cost Of FREE Ebooks

Go ahead. Download that #free #ebook. Keep a struggling author working. That is, in an office or a factory or a lab. Or perhaps it’s clerking in a store. Or flipping burgers or waiting tables or washing dishes. Free ebooks. BAD for authors.

Back Again!!

WOW!! I didn’t know it’d been so long since I last blogged! I’ve had some personal issues and have recently moved from my home state of Ohio to Kentucky. The reason for the move is that I want to own a farm, and land is much more affordable here than Ohio and the weather is…
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Romance In A Murder Mystery?? You Bet!

February is almost here. Time for Valentine’s Day. And that means love and romance! For all you romantics out there, the Will Nickerson Mysteries are filled with romance. In Ranch Park, for example, Will meets up with Jenine, a lovely summer camp counselor, who figures in all of the series’ episodes. It’s not always a…
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