New Computer!

I’m sorry for not blogging more often over the past year, but I’ve been running to the library to use a public computer since mine had gotten very slow on the Internet. I’ve FINALLY got a new one which is much faster. So… I should be able to keep in touch more often with all…
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Merry Christmas

From all of us characters in the Will Nickerson Mysteries

New Book Published

I am pleased to announce that the Will Nickerson Mysteries have a new family member. It’s called Mystery Under Montana Skies, and it’s number 6 in the series. In it, Will gets an unwelcome letter from an old flame, Alison, wanting to hire him to go to Montana to help her find out if her…
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We’re Talkin’ North Dakota

Knoephle soup. Lefse. Lake Sakakawea. Peace Garden. Theodore Roosevelt National Park. World’s Largest Buffalo. Bakken. Cattle. Wheat. Sunflowers. Will Nickerson Mysteries. Uff da! Sounds like we’re talkin’ North Dakota. Will Nickerson Mysteries are in paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon. They’re on Nook and Kobo, too.

The Real Cost Of Free EBooks

Now don’t get me wrong. Some free ebooks are OK. That is as long as they’re things like instruction manuals, promotional material, textbooks and such. Even classical literature from past centuries, public domain stuff that nobody gets any royalties from anymore. I don’t have any problem with that kinda stuff being given away for free.…
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